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Mannequin Vitamin E Oil Review


Rating: 7/10

See the sunlight is very essential to our well being. It strengthens our bones, triggers our metabolism gives our skin a healthy glow, besides so many more health benefits. While I was getting good sunlight back then I was not very consistent about the sunscreen. Though I was using one I am not sure that was the perfect one for Bombay’s humid climate.

This has led to my skin showing the reaction now, when actually I don’t even expose my skin too much sunlight. So I was looking for something that would nourish my skin from within. I knew Vitamin E was good for skin especially in protecting the skin from the harshness of the sun.

One way to get Vitamin E oil is using Almond Oil. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it. So I picked up the synthetically made one. The ingredients seem quite standard. This one is called Mannequin Vitamin E oil. It is very dense, which is how it should be. It has scent which I had hoped it wouldn’t since most synthetically produced scents are not good for the skin but I guess since I use so many products with scents in them, my moisturisers, deos, I would try it anyway. I massaged about a drop of it and let it be for 15 minutes or so. My skin feels great and very moisturised. I have yet another set of capsules which I will try and compare with this one. But on its own this is good enough.


Bodyshop British Rose Body Butter Review

Where have I been? Not been to London to meet the Queen for sure! Well you see I disappeared again but I am back and to tell you how much I love this Bodyshop Body Butter. I have tried a number of Bodyshop products that I have loved over the years. And this one is no surprise either. It is slightly on the expensive side (it is 82 AED for 200 ml. here in UAE,) but it works and how! 

I  will be honest there is a great new range of Bodyshop body butters for this year as well but I picked this because I liked the rose smell. And this being winter my skin is lapping it up. Also it has this beautiful rose fragrance which is one of my favourites.

And yes this one passes my aftereffects test too. Even after washing my face the next day I still don’t feel that dry, pulled feeling that you sometimes get when you haven’t used it the next day. Does that happen to anyone else? And this is great news because if this is how it works in winter I am more than happy. 

I have one more body butter by Bodyshop but I will use it a little later and post my thoughts here. 

Ultra Doux Oil Replacement Review 

When I was a child many people used to think that conditioners were not fit to be used on children. That sounds counter – intuitive now but back then this was the logic, may be, may be they thought that conditioners making the hair soft cosmetically instead of shampoo that just cleaned it, must be bad for the hair.

So one of the first ever conditioners I ever bought was Ultra Doux. There was not much thought put into it, (I was in high school) just that I had finished a conditioner which my aunt had given me. They were in the US and she said Ultra Doux was a good brand here. That is all. I think it was a wheatgerm and lemon. It was good because I was hooked. 

So it has been that long since I used Ultra Doux. It is Well, this is not a conditioner really but an oil replacement. This works for me for sure. Since right now my plan is to exclude shampooing and using conditioners for weekday washing. 

See I use hot coconut oil for my weekend and I have shampoo to wash it off but for the weekdays I skip the shampoo and straight up use a conditioner. So this time after the shampoo I used the oil replacement instead of my fav conditioner and it makes my hair softer. I was expect a sort of oil deposit but don’t see any. I rank it a good 8 on 10.

Palmer’s Shea Butter Body Lotion Mini Review

palmers body lotion review

Once I am impressed by a product I usually become a loyal fan. It is hard for me to experiment mainly because I have a sensitive skin so there are a few products that manage to break this protective shield.

The product that managed to impress me is the old and humble Palmer’s Shea Butter Body Lotion. Although I have thought of picking up this body lotion I somehow never did. But it was the “shea butter” keyword that tempted me to try it. Shea butter is Africa’s secret for a gorgeous glowing skin. These are nuts that are traditionally ground to buttery texture.

This butter seems to work for me. After having used it for some time I find that I like the soft, moisturised sheen it leaves on my skin. The softness lasts for hours after applying it. I would highly recommend this product.

Liebster Award Nomination


Hey all! Hope you all are doing well!

So I have been nominated for a Leicester award by SarahKay!            Do visit her interesting blog! Thank you SarahKay for the nomination and the interesting questions. Here are the rules, followed by Sarah’s questions and my answer. Here is how it works!

Here are the rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Display the award on your blog

Answer a set of 11 questions provided from the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 11 other bloggers, each with under 200 followers.

Create your own questions for them to answer.


1) If you could only wear 3 make up products for a week what would you choose?

A. I think I am very dependent on my eye make up. I would stick with my eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

2. If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

A. I think I would love to be a horse. But if I was not restricted by reality or physics alone I would love to be a centaur. Yes, I am a girl who loves centaurs more than unicorns! Don’t get me wrong I love unicorns too but I admire the combination of beauty and strength in a horse and a centaur has the mind of a human too. And I don’t mind having two rib cages!

3. What is the product you most want on your wish list right now?

A. I had liked a lipstick by this brand called Guerlain but it is so damn expensive, I don’t wish it in my wish list either.

4. What is your favourite go to make up look?

A. I am a South Asian with almond shaped eyes and I think smoky eyes look is my favourite. But it is damn tough to get it right, and not end up looking like an Adam’s Family character. Besides that I love Indian accessories a lot.

5. What is the last lipstick you wore?

A. This lovely pink shade by Lush.

6. What is your favourite Instagram account you follow?

A. Quite a few accounts but…There is an account called heylove_nail. Her nails are truly a work of art. Really worth some “hashtag  – goals” deal!

7. Who is your inspiration?

A. So many people from my personal life to the public. In my personal life, my father is my inspiration. He is one of the old school people who loves his wife passionately and has been a very liberal father. Besides my love for reading, music and movies are all genetic gifts from him.

Outside of my family I like too many writers to mention here. I also cried the last time I heard this man’s story. His name is Dashrath Manjhi, just a regular guy but one who had to climb a mountain everyday to go to work and whose wife had to climb the mountain to get him his lunch. One day she feel down the hill and in a few days lost her life. This made the man so heartbroken that he began digging a road for people who had to take the way everyday. He was laughed at by people. But he kept on working for more than 20 years and finally there is now a road that people would earlier take two hours to climb but now can be traversed in a few minutes. I am saddened that he did this extraordinary thing for others but died an almost anonymous death. Others look at the Taj Mahal and think it is the greatest tribute a man has made for his wife, to me this man has paid a far richer and enduring tribute.  

8. What is your favourite quote?

A. Rephrasing Zhuangzi’s quote:

“Now I do not know whether I was then a woman dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a woman.”

Or this poem too…

tolkien not all those wander

9. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

My longest dream was to visit Paris which I did last year. Really worth the wait. Now I really I wish I could see Italy.

10. What is your best beauty bargain?

If you do not count the ticket to Paris, I had great fun shopping in Paris. The same products cost twice or more in my country! Had a Bioderma haul and discovered this great concept of shower oils by L’Occitane.


11. What is your favourite way to unwind?

A. Listening to music, meeting up old friends, watching a good movie and strangely, as if a sign of growing up, looking after my house!

These are the bloggers that I wish to nominate for the award, and the question I wish to ask them. I don’t know how many followers  they have, (more likely they have a lot,) but these are the bloggers I follow so I think they might have fun with this. Check out these amazing blogs for some fun content!

1. What is your most favourite makeup essential, meaning lipstick, mascara etc.?

2. What is the most outrageous beauty trend you have ever heard?

3. Who is your most favourite beauty icon?

4. What is the one makeup essential that you can give up if you had to?

5. What makeup does your office/college/school purse carry?

6. What image do these colours bring to your mind, red, pink, turquoise, black and white?

7. If you could play a movie character what would it be?

8. Which actor could play you if a movie was made on your life?

9. What alternative career, real or made up, would you be good at?

10. Good Food or love, if you had to choose one.

List of bloggers I have nominated

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Lauren Smith

DeCasual Girl: FreeWriter 99

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Joanna’s Style Lookout

A Page from Kareena’s Style Diary


Don’t you wanna know what Kareena Kapoor asked from the gods? She inherited those gorgeous looks from her genes, she can act AND she is married to the dashing nawab Saif Ali Khan!!! What’s more, she has never had a bad look moment! No really, unlike some other actors, she seemed to have figured it out right from her first movie.

But yes, while we say her style, there is a wide range there. From the global star that she is now to the adolescent charm of Refugee’s Nazneen, here is how she can rock any look! So decoding the Kareena look!!!

Here is her current ultra glam style for magazine covers –

kareena-hi-res 1

PC: Vogue India



vogue india


She makes bad dresses look good…


kareena-kapoor-bad-outfit-look good

But this is for the brand endorsements & such glam events but what is her style when she is playing a role.

Here she is playing a prostitute in Talaash.


She also manages to oomph her way even in ethnic dresses…

Here she is in Ashoka channeling ancient India!

kareena asoka lookareena-kapoor asoka 2

Here in Agent VinodKareena-Kapoor-ethnic-high-res-8

She can also be a regular girl in the hinterlands of India, well as regular as it could get…

kareena - kapoor - bajrangi bhaijaankareena bajrangi bhaijaan


Or ethnic just for the event!

kareena kapoor manish malhotra kareena-yellow saree

She has always played with the desi look very well. Check her out in her first movie, Refugee as a Rajasthani belle!

kareena refugee 2

And later she had a chance to play herself as the hip Poo!

kareena kapoor poo


And here she is now that she is playing a corporate diva and a “breadwinner” in Ki and Ka, here is what she is rocking!



Well what can we say, some people are born with it!