Sephora Strawberry Fizz Lip Balm Review

So I saw this cute looking bottle and picked it up. It was Sephora Strawberry Fizz Lip Balm called “Kiss me”! Umm… I would prefer it to happen rather than say it out.

But if it’s the lip balm saying that then, “ok honey let’s do it!” 💋


Rather cute.

Well now, it seems to be a lip tint as it didn’t just moisturise my lip but it left a pinkish gloss.

This smells more like a mixed fruit jam rather than strawberry, but that’s good, I think…It might be triggering my metabolism.

So this one is good if you are going for a pinkish shade and if you wanna try something in coral or red, you can pick those too as they have many shades. And it lasts long too. So if you want you can pick all the colours they all seem worth it.
So yes that’s a 👍

Price 5 euros.


What do you think?

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