Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman Body Lotion Review


Rating: 4.5/5

Fragrance: 5/5!

So I have finished off the tube of my most favourite moisturiser and need to shower some love on it. But before that…

Elizabeth Arden is the first luxury brand that I tried. A bit of interesting history? Much before beauty salons became a common thing for most women, only women from the richest homes had their own parlours where they could spend some time pampering themselves. So for the first time, during the World War 2, Elizabeth Arden became the first beauty parlour in the world where in any woman could walk in and spend some time being pampered by others. So it’s legacy in pampering women goes way back…

So when I was buying this body lotion I was already aware that I was digging into something wonderful. I tried it on my face and instantly felt the difference. My skin stayed silky soft for the longest time. And it even passes my discontinue-to-use test, where in my skin doesn’t go to a tired, sad state if I don’t use it for a couple of days.

And special mention must be made of its fragrance, I can promise you even the most absent minded beau will take notice! 😉  And it will be your signature perfume.



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