Sunsilk Expert Obedient Curls Conditioner Review


Rating: 8.5/10

Hello dear people! As I have said before I find taking care of my hair a lot more challenging than before, mainly because the water here in UAE is desalinated water. Which means it leaves deposit on my hair and scalp! Yes, that is bad!

I have tried to come up with various solutions that have been helpful. Some of which includes natural, no-chemical methods. But those are time consuming so I cannot do them often so for my routine cleaning I had to zero down on a few products that worked for me.

And they were the simple, homey Head and Shoulders for my shampoo and Sunsilk Bouncy Curls Conditioner. Yes that specific one with Nourishing Beeswax. I have never seen anything work quite that well as this one. But they soon discontinued it. I bugged them i.e. Sunsilk on Instagram (only once!) asking about why they had discontinued it! And then I had to try out various other options which although good didn’t quite match up.

So when I happened to see what seemed like the exact formula I picked it up. I am talking about Sunsilk Conditioner. It claimed to have the curl lock technology.

As expected I was happy with the result. Here are my curls back in the rings as they were a few years ago.

Here is the result. They may not be model perfect but they look more tamed than before.


What do you think?

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