Ultra Doux Oil Replacement Review 

When I was a child many people used to think that conditioners were not fit to be used on children. That sounds counter – intuitive now but back then this was the logic, may be, may be they thought that conditioners making the hair soft cosmetically instead of shampoo that just cleaned it, must be bad for the hair.

So one of the first ever conditioners I ever bought was Ultra Doux. There was not much thought put into it, (I was in high school) just that I had finished a conditioner which my aunt had given me. They were in the US and she said Ultra Doux was a good brand here. That is all. I think it was a wheatgerm and lemon. It was good because I was hooked. 

So it has been that long since I used Ultra Doux. It is Well, this is not a conditioner really but an oil replacement. This works for me for sure. Since right now my plan is to exclude shampooing and using conditioners for weekday washing. 

See I use hot coconut oil for my weekend and I have shampoo to wash it off but for the weekdays I skip the shampoo and straight up use a conditioner. So this time after the shampoo I used the oil replacement instead of my fav conditioner and it makes my hair softer. I was expect a sort of oil deposit but don’t see any. I rank it a good 8 on 10.


What do you think?

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