Bodyshop British Rose Body Butter Review

Where have I been? Not been to London to meet the Queen for sure! Well you see I disappeared again but I am back and to tell you how much I love this Bodyshop Body Butter. I have tried a number of Bodyshop products that I have loved over the years. And this one is no surprise either. It is slightly on the expensive side (it is 82 AED for 200 ml. here in UAE,) but it works and how! 

I  will be honest there is a great new range of Bodyshop body butters for this year as well but I picked this because I liked the rose smell. And this being winter my skin is lapping it up. Also it has this beautiful rose fragrance which is one of my favourites.

And yes this one passes my aftereffects test too. Even after washing my face the next day I still don’t feel that dry, pulled feeling that you sometimes get when you haven’t used it the next day. Does that happen to anyone else? And this is great news because if this is how it works in winter I am more than happy. 

I have one more body butter by Bodyshop but I will use it a little later and post my thoughts here. 


What do you think?

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