Ultra Doux Oil Replacement Review 

When I was a child many people used to think that conditioners were not fit to be used on children. That sounds counter – intuitive now but back then this was the logic, may be, may be they thought that conditioners making the hair soft cosmetically instead of shampoo that just cleaned it, must be bad for the hair.

So one of the first ever conditioners I ever bought was Ultra Doux. There was not much thought put into it, (I was in high school) just that I had finished a conditioner which my aunt had given me. They were in the US and she said Ultra Doux was a good brand here. That is all. I think it was a wheatgerm and lemon. It was good because I was hooked. 

So it has been that long since I used Ultra Doux. It is Well, this is not a conditioner really but an oil replacement. This works for me for sure. Since right now my plan is to exclude shampooing and using conditioners for weekday washing. 

See I use hot coconut oil for my weekend and I have shampoo to wash it off but for the weekdays I skip the shampoo and straight up use a conditioner. So this time after the shampoo I used the oil replacement instead of my fav conditioner and it makes my hair softer. I was expect a sort of oil deposit but don’t see any. I rank it a good 8 on 10.


Boots Botanics Hair Mask Review

Hello dear people! Hope you had a great Valentine day!

boots botanics hair mask white quinoa

So this week it is about the Boots Botanics Moisturising Hair Mask With White Quinoa. Boots is one of my favorite brands. Their products usually work well with my skin and hair. As I have said before I am very selective about my hair products but still I usually like to experiment with new Boots products.

What attracted me to the Hair Mask is that masks unlike conditioners are designed to be absorbed by the hair. While conditioners do a very good job in giving a shiny finish to the hair by restoring oil to the shaft of the hair, hair masks penetrate the cuticle and strengthens the inside of the hair.

One reason why I don’t think this is entirely synthetic is because unlike a conditioner that tends to stay on like a white layer, this cream seems to absorb right into the hair, no matter how much you apply! Perhaps that is why using the mask didn’t give my hair that instant volume and shine but it looks fuller after two days of use. Perhaps it is common for all non-cosmetic stuff to enrich after a length of time instead of immediate results.

It is also mentioned on the pack that the hair mask contains white quinoa. This is the nutritional value packed in white quinoa,

Quinoa contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and fiber. It is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein and comprised of all pernine essential amino acids.”

I will be using the entire tube to give a final word on the product and will post my thoughts here again.

Rating: 7/10

Sunsilk Expert Obedient Curls Conditioner Review


Rating: 8.5/10

Hello dear people! As I have said before I find taking care of my hair a lot more challenging than before, mainly because the water here in UAE is desalinated water. Which means it leaves deposit on my hair and scalp! Yes, that is bad!

I have tried to come up with various solutions that have been helpful. Some of which includes natural, no-chemical methods. But those are time consuming so I cannot do them often so for my routine cleaning I had to zero down on a few products that worked for me.

And they were the simple, homey Head and Shoulders for my shampoo and Sunsilk Bouncy Curls Conditioner. Yes that specific one with Nourishing Beeswax. I have never seen anything work quite that well as this one. But they soon discontinued it. I bugged them i.e. Sunsilk on Instagram (only once!) asking about why they had discontinued it! And then I had to try out various other options which although good didn’t quite match up.

So when I happened to see what seemed like the exact formula I picked it up. I am talking about Sunsilk Conditioner. It claimed to have the curl lock technology.

As expected I was happy with the result. Here are my curls back in the rings as they were a few years ago.

Here is the result. They may not be model perfect but they look more tamed than before.

L’Oreal Elvive Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Replacement Review

loreal elvive shampoo conditioner review

I am paranoid about changing my shampoo or conditioner, especially now that I am exposing my hair to UAE’s hard water. So, I was apprehensive when I was experimenting with the entire range of L’Oreal Elvive hair care.

I want to talk about my experience with L’Oreal Elvive shampoo, conditioner and Oil Replacement. It was advertised as beneficial for normal hair that goes dry, which is what happens to my hair as winter sets in.

L’Oreal Elvive Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Price: 9-10 AED or INR 180-200 for 200 ml

Rating: 4/5

I usually dilute my shampoo since I work from home and don’t need the harshness that someone who has to work outside would need. So I used it directly on my hair. It is true the shampoo is mild and manages to scrupulously clean the hair despite that.

L’Oreal Elvive Oil Nourishing Conditioner

Price: AED 11 or INR 250 for 200 ml

Rating 2/5

Usually conditioner is a routine that is more patiently carried out than shampooing. But I ensure that I completely clean out the shampoo before applying conditioner. The shampoo residue if left on the hair will make the hair dull and eventually break off and it gives an itchy scalp. And I also ensure that I mask my hair with the conditioner and leave for the mandatory two minutes. Despite that the conditioner doesn’t exactly leave my hair smooth, nor does it get rid of the frizz.

L’Oreal Elvive Oil Replacement

Price: AED 11

Rating 3/5

I haven’t yet made up my mind about the oil replacement. Technically any natural oil is meant to penetrate the hair shaft and the scalp to nourish it. Since it is also massaged in the scalp it increases the blood circulation and triggers hair growth. But oil replacement creams are synthetically made so anyway they are a temporary solution.

About L’Oreal Elvive oil replacement it is true that it immediately softens the hair, settles the frizz and stays for more than a day. I am giving a 3 star since the dryness seems to return on a third day. Since, one would shampoo on the third day, I would recommend it to do the job if you are in a hurry.

However, this is my experience, I am sure the same chemical formula would work differently on each person.


Hair Care in UAE – Chlorinated, Desalinated Water


One thing that no one tells you about moving to UAE is that there is a challenge in a matter you didn’t imagine, your hair. It is rare to meet a person who is completely happy with their hair, yet most of us never get nervous about it until a certain age. Even if we do merely introducing a good hair care routine fixes the problem at least to an optimal extent.

While I was growing I never gave my hair much thought. That said there was a reason for that. My father had always put us on a high fibre and calcium diet. My mother never skipped the Sunday coconut oil massage before the shampoo. This ensured I always had good hair. So it was definitely something I was wracking my brain about when I moved to UAE.

What is in the water?

The one question that the diaspora community gets asked back home is, “How about the water there, is there a shortage?” And the answer is no there isn’t. Although the tap water is not potable it is still plenty and flows through the day. The issue however, is that this water is from the desalinated plants. It is common knowledge, the government is direct about it. So where as it is not an issue to do the dishes and laundry with this water, this water cannot be consumed.

The Effects

Most of us use it for showering as well. But this water contains minerals that cannot be completely filtered in the desalination process. Add to it the woe that they add chemicals like fluorides, chlorines and such (for disinfecting but in the long run they have been theorised to be toxic). Even these remain as residue on the hair and their toxicity causes damage to the texture and health of the hair. It even dries out the scalp.


Use a Shower Filter

There are shower filters available all over Middle East that have been specially designed to filter out the impurities in water. If someone has used this, please let me know the results.

Using Alum


PC: Wikipedia. Alum looks like this.

You know alum? May be you have seen it in your grandfather’s shaving kit. This method was taught to us in school that alum helps settle the impurities in the water. Just stir a bit of alum into your bucket of water and use it. Of course you can’t use this for the shower, but if you are eager, this can be a solution.

Use Less Shampoo

Remember what is now said about consuming only one Alka Seltzer/Aspirin for a headache as that is the appropriate dosage. But we fall for their trick in the ads and consume more and end up buying more every time. The same applies to almost all commercially bought products.

Actually, the shampoo is a cleaning agent. The water itself is good enough to clean the hair. But given the pollution that we live in, we need that scrub of detergent to wash it off. Still the amount of shampoo should not be such that it leaves your scalp dry even after you have used a conditioner.

Here’s a technique I use

In a one litre mug pour about 2-3 tsp of shampoo (depending on the length of hair,) stir it a bit and use this for shampoo. When you use the shampoo directly from the bottle to your palm you always take more and it doesn’t lather much. But you will see that in this diluted form it will lather really well. In fact if you have hair slightly longer than the shoulder length you will find you won’t even use half from the mug.

Should you shampoo everyday?

There are many people who shampoo everyday. And you should if you live in a tropical climate or work in a hot and humid environment. But even then daily is a tad more. This results in drying of the scalp and the hair.

(If you are gutsy you can eliminate shampoo entirely by using the no-poo method. Or the natural hair mask methods.)

Massaging with Natural Oils


Massaging with oil is the oldest known skin and hair care method. While you can use as many cosmetics as you wish on your routine but if you are going to massage your hair or skin it is best to do it with essential oils. I like coconut oil and olive oil. It triggers blood circulation in the area and helps with the growth of hair. Oil penetrates the shaft and makes it stronger.

Here are the things I do. How do you manage your hair (if you are in UAE)?


Boots Hair Serum: Review

Boots Hair Serum Product Review

Boots Hair Serum Product Review

Anyone with curly or wavy hair knows that their crowning glory is just a tad high maintenance than those with the dead straight hair.

So, yes, I am one with the wavy hair. And although my hair looks good on the so-called second day, (which may last only for an hour,) the rest of the time it is a challenge.

The case with conditioners is, it is just hard not go overboard and have a deeply conditioned, greasy look. Or discontinue it and have a dry hay look, if we may call it so. So, I was looking for a product that would balance this.

I can say my search has come to an end with the Boots Essentials Hair Serum. You can just tab a little bit on your hair and it leaves a wonderful glossy finish without giving my hair the flat, floppy look.

My main issue with conditioners that have to be washed is that most of them may leave a build up. Also a regular conditioner may give you an itchy scalp because it does come in contact with your scalp as you work your way up from the tips. No such issues with Boots Hair Serum. You can apply it on completely dry hair or just shampooed hair. And those bothersome fly-aways? They seem to settle down too.

Additionally, the serum seems to have no, we can call it a sort of after effect, that if you discontinue some products, your hair or skin seems to go back to a duller look than you naturally had. No such thing here, even if I discontinue the serum once in a while, just to let my hair be, there is no visible change in the texture of my hair. So, if your mane needs to be tamed I would definitely recommend Boots Hair Serum.

No-poo shampoo and other hair care tips

hair care in chlorinated waterI have always thought nature knew best. Of course, she has taken care of us and helped us evolve into beings that had ingenuity of utilising her resources. So when I heard about the no-poo movement, I was intrigued. My mother had always insisted on a no-poo hair care style but it was more of a regimen so I quit. Though, you can check out the various fruit masks I have tried for deeper conditioning.

This no-poo is non-complicated au naturel system to follow. You cannot use the no-poo cleaning if you have massaged oil into your scalp.

Washing: Baking Soda
Conditioning: Apple Cider Vinegar (Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Dry to Normal Hair, White Vinegar for Normal to Oily Hair)

You will be basically washing your hair with baking soda to remove dirt and oils from the roots and  scalp, followed by a vinegar rinse to condition your hair.
1.Create solution of 1 tsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water. Make sure the baking soda  has completely dissolved. The solution should feel slippery in your hands. (You will have to find your own balance of baking soda and water, depending of your hair type you may need more or less of the stuff.)
2.Create a solution of vinegar and water, ratio of 2 tsp of vinegar to 1 cup of water.


1.WASH: In the shower, wet hair and using the pointed tip of the bottle, apply the baking soda solution to the roots of your hair and rub in using a circular motion. Give your roots and scalp a good massage. Rinse well.
2.CONDITION: Spray the vinegar/water solution on the length of your hair, focusing on the ends. Leave on while you finish bathing then rinse. Optionally, you may also use fermented and flat beer with chamomile tea decoction. You have to rinse really well for this to work.
3.NOTES: You can add some essential oils to your hair brush to fragrance your hair if desired.

What To Expect When You Wash Your Hair No Poo Style

 Since there is no lather, it will be tough to assume your hair is cleaned, which it is and better. It’s weird at first, but you get used to it.

Your hair may feel dry hay-like for a few days or weeks. But in days to follow they will get the natural sheen back. You may also try the oil massage therapies like these.