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Note Shade Pink Crazy




Bodyshop British Rose Body Butter Review

Where have I been? Not been to London to meet the Queen for sure! Well you see I disappeared again but I am back and to tell you how much I love this Bodyshop Body Butter. I have tried a number of Bodyshop products that I have loved over the years. And this one is no surprise either. It is slightly on the expensive side (it is 82 AED for 200 ml. here in UAE,) but it works and how! 

I  will be honest there is a great new range of Bodyshop body butters for this year as well but I picked this because I liked the rose smell. And this being winter my skin is lapping it up. Also it has this beautiful rose fragrance which is one of my favourites.

And yes this one passes my aftereffects test too. Even after washing my face the next day I still don’t feel that dry, pulled feeling that you sometimes get when you haven’t used it the next day. Does that happen to anyone else? And this is great news because if this is how it works in winter I am more than happy. 

I have one more body butter by Bodyshop but I will use it a little later and post my thoughts here. 

Liebster Award Nomination


Hey all! Hope you all are doing well!

So I have been nominated for a Leicester award by SarahKay!            Do visit her interesting blog! Thank you SarahKay for the nomination and the interesting questions. Here are the rules, followed by Sarah’s questions and my answer. Here is how it works!

Here are the rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Display the award on your blog

Answer a set of 11 questions provided from the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 11 other bloggers, each with under 200 followers.

Create your own questions for them to answer.


1) If you could only wear 3 make up products for a week what would you choose?

A. I think I am very dependent on my eye make up. I would stick with my eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

2. If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

A. I think I would love to be a horse. But if I was not restricted by reality or physics alone I would love to be a centaur. Yes, I am a girl who loves centaurs more than unicorns! Don’t get me wrong I love unicorns too but I admire the combination of beauty and strength in a horse and a centaur has the mind of a human too. And I don’t mind having two rib cages!

3. What is the product you most want on your wish list right now?

A. I had liked a lipstick by this brand called Guerlain but it is so damn expensive, I don’t wish it in my wish list either.

4. What is your favourite go to make up look?

A. I am a South Asian with almond shaped eyes and I think smoky eyes look is my favourite. But it is damn tough to get it right, and not end up looking like an Adam’s Family character. Besides that I love Indian accessories a lot.

5. What is the last lipstick you wore?

A. This lovely pink shade by Lush.

6. What is your favourite Instagram account you follow?

A. Quite a few accounts but…There is an account called heylove_nail. Her nails are truly a work of art. Really worth some “hashtag  – goals” deal!

7. Who is your inspiration?

A. So many people from my personal life to the public. In my personal life, my father is my inspiration. He is one of the old school people who loves his wife passionately and has been a very liberal father. Besides my love for reading, music and movies are all genetic gifts from him.

Outside of my family I like too many writers to mention here. I also cried the last time I heard this man’s story. His name is Dashrath Manjhi, just a regular guy but one who had to climb a mountain everyday to go to work and whose wife had to climb the mountain to get him his lunch. One day she feel down the hill and in a few days lost her life. This made the man so heartbroken that he began digging a road for people who had to take the way everyday. He was laughed at by people. But he kept on working for more than 20 years and finally there is now a road that people would earlier take two hours to climb but now can be traversed in a few minutes. I am saddened that he did this extraordinary thing for others but died an almost anonymous death. Others look at the Taj Mahal and think it is the greatest tribute a man has made for his wife, to me this man has paid a far richer and enduring tribute.  

8. What is your favourite quote?

A. Rephrasing Zhuangzi’s quote:

“Now I do not know whether I was then a woman dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a woman.”

Or this poem too…

tolkien not all those wander

9. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

My longest dream was to visit Paris which I did last year. Really worth the wait. Now I really I wish I could see Italy.

10. What is your best beauty bargain?

If you do not count the ticket to Paris, I had great fun shopping in Paris. The same products cost twice or more in my country! Had a Bioderma haul and discovered this great concept of shower oils by L’Occitane.


11. What is your favourite way to unwind?

A. Listening to music, meeting up old friends, watching a good movie and strangely, as if a sign of growing up, looking after my house!

These are the bloggers that I wish to nominate for the award, and the question I wish to ask them. I don’t know how many followers  they have, (more likely they have a lot,) but these are the bloggers I follow so I think they might have fun with this. Check out these amazing blogs for some fun content!

1. What is your most favourite makeup essential, meaning lipstick, mascara etc.?

2. What is the most outrageous beauty trend you have ever heard?

3. Who is your most favourite beauty icon?

4. What is the one makeup essential that you can give up if you had to?

5. What makeup does your office/college/school purse carry?

6. What image do these colours bring to your mind, red, pink, turquoise, black and white?

7. If you could play a movie character what would it be?

8. Which actor could play you if a movie was made on your life?

9. What alternative career, real or made up, would you be good at?

10. Good Food or love, if you had to choose one.

List of bloggers I have nominated

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Joanna’s Style Lookout

A Page from Kareena’s Style Diary


Don’t you wanna know what Kareena Kapoor asked from the gods? She inherited those gorgeous looks from her genes, she can act AND she is married to the dashing nawab Saif Ali Khan!!! What’s more, she has never had a bad look moment! No really, unlike some other actors, she seemed to have figured it out right from her first movie.

But yes, while we say her style, there is a wide range there. From the global star that she is now to the adolescent charm of Refugee’s Nazneen, here is how she can rock any look! So decoding the Kareena look!!!

Here is her current ultra glam style for magazine covers –

kareena-hi-res 1

PC: Vogue India



vogue india


She makes bad dresses look good…


kareena-kapoor-bad-outfit-look good

But this is for the brand endorsements & such glam events but what is her style when she is playing a role.

Here she is playing a prostitute in Talaash.


She also manages to oomph her way even in ethnic dresses…

Here she is in Ashoka channeling ancient India!

kareena asoka lookareena-kapoor asoka 2

Here in Agent VinodKareena-Kapoor-ethnic-high-res-8

She can also be a regular girl in the hinterlands of India, well as regular as it could get…

kareena - kapoor - bajrangi bhaijaankareena bajrangi bhaijaan


Or ethnic just for the event!

kareena kapoor manish malhotra kareena-yellow saree

She has always played with the desi look very well. Check her out in her first movie, Refugee as a Rajasthani belle!

kareena refugee 2

And later she had a chance to play herself as the hip Poo!

kareena kapoor poo


And here she is now that she is playing a corporate diva and a “breadwinner” in Ki and Ka, here is what she is rocking!



Well what can we say, some people are born with it!


Benefits of Turmeric


If you grew up in an Indian household or around Indians you would know our entire first aid depends on natural herbal formulas. Girls reaching puberty are rubbed with turmeric and coconut oil and scrubbed off with gram flour instead of soap. My family is no exception.

Today I want to share a few benefits of Turmeric as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. This magic root needs as much fandom as coconut oil is getting.

Here’s why


Turmeric and Milk have natural Antibiotic properties.

Including these two natural ingredients in your everyday diet can prevent diseases and infections.

Turmeric when mixed with milk can be very beneficial for number of health problems.

This is an effective remedy to fight hazardous environmental toxins and harmful microorganisms.

📝 RECIPE for Turmeric Milk :

1. Take 1 inch piece (FRESH) Turmeric root.
If Fresh type is not available then use 1 level tsp Turmeric Powder.

2. 150mls or I glass Milk.

3. Boil Turmeric and Milk for 15 minutes.

4. Strain the milk (remove fresh Turmeric piece out).

5. Cool it and drink this milk.

Benefits of Turmeric Milk

1. Respiratory illness :

Turmeric milk is an anti-microbial which attacks bacterial infections 150 viral infections.

It is useful to treat illnesses related to respiratory system, since the spice heats up your body and provides quick relief from lung congestion and sinuses.

This is also an effective remedy to cure asthma and bronchitis.

2. Cancer :

This milk prevents and stops the growth of breast, skin, lung, prostate, and colon cancers, since it has anti-inflammatory properties.

This prevents cancer cells from damaging DNA and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

3. Anti Inflammatory :

Turmeric milk is anti-inflammatory, that can prevent and protect arthritis and stomach ulcers.

This is also known as ‘natural aspirin’ that can cure headaches, swelling and pain.

4. Cold and Cough :

Turmeric Milk is considered as a best remedy for cold and cough due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

It gives instant relief to sore throat, cough and cold.

5. Arthritis :

Turmeric Milk is used to cure arthritis and treat swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis.

It also helps to make the joints and muscles flexible by reducing the pain.

6. Aches and Pains :

Turmeric golden milk gives best relief from aches and pains.

This can also strengthen the spine and joints in the body.

7. Antioxidant :

Turmeric milk is excellent source of antioxidants, which fights free radicals. This can cure many ailments.

8. Blood Purifier :

Turmeric Milk is considered as an excellent blood purifier and cleanser.

It can revitalize and boost blood circulation in the body.

It is also a blood thinner that cleanses the lymphatic system and blood vessels from all impurities.

9. Liver Detox :

Turmeric milk is a natural liver detoxifier and blood purifier that boosts liver function.

It supports the liver and cleanses the lymphatic system.

10. Bone Health :

Turmeric milk is a good source of calcium which is a must to keep the bones healthy and strong.

Turmeric milk lowers bone loss and osteoporosis.

11. Digestive Health :

It is a powerful antiseptic that promotes intestinal health and treats stomach ulcers and colitis. This helps in better digestive health and prevents ulcers, diarrhea and indigestion.

12. Menstrual Cramps :

Turmeric milk works wonder as it is antispasmodic that eases menstrual cramps and pain.

Pregnant women should take golden turmeric milk for easy delivery, post partum recovery, improved lactation and faster contraction of ovaries.

13. Rash and Skin Redness :

Ancient queens took turmeric milk baths for soft, supple and glowing skin.

Similarly, drink turmeric milk for glowing skin.

Soak turmeric milk in a cotton ball ; apply on the affected area for 15 minutes to reduce skin redness and blotchy patches.

This will make the skin more radiant and glowing than before.

14. Weight Loss :

Turmeric milk helps in the breakdown of dietary fat. This can be useful to control weight.

15. Eczema :

Drink a glass of turmeric milk everyday to treat eczema.

16. Insomnia :

Warm turmeric milk produces an amino acid, tryptophan ; that induces peaceful and blissful sleep.

I am always amazed what methods those sages must have used that their work passes the imperial tests of modern medicine.

This modern twist on the old gold.


Ikea Frame Vanity Accents

ikea frames vanity accents

I always buy stuff from Ikea thinking I could do something with them.
Although I am not very crafty by nature, there just seems something about them…But I have been able to try out a few things that look good.

So one those things are these frames. They are two sided, a removable plastic glazing and a solid base.

So I thought I could make some vanity accents.

ikea frame diy ideas

All you need is these Ikea frames, a magazine that has pictures of recipes, and a pair of scissors.

Firstly look for pics that will fit in the frame. I am looking more at how aesthetically the pic has been shot, something chic-y and feminine.

ikea frames vanity accents diy project

Then cut it out in the measurement of the plastic glazing, four in all.
Now just slide it in the frame. That is it!

ikea frames vanity accents diy project

Bangles Haul for the Festive Season

It is the beginning of festive season in India and that means a lot of ethnic stuff to wear. Usually I am not a jewellery kind of girl. I like to have one statement piece of accessory and that’s it! But this time I surprised myself by going for a bangles haul. I think I am loving it!

Have a look…

Bangles haul landmark

Bangles accessory haul

Usually this is what I go for…

Accessories haul

How do you like it? What are your favourite accessories?