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Nail colour for brown skin

Nail colour for brown skin

Hello all! Hope you are doing well.

Although I love colouring my nails I tend to stick with tried and tested shades. But companies change their swatches often and I have to go searching for similar shades.

About a few years ago Lakme had a wonderful shade of pink just like the above. If I was not using brown this was the only shade of pink I ever but when they reintroduced the swatches they discontinued it.

So I was looking for this shade after that. Then I found it here in these little CP Trendies shades. It is called Sugar Candy 162. These nail polishes come in batches of 10. These are the small 4 ml bottles. As of now I am happy to get my favourite shade back.

CP Trendies sugar Candy 162

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Nail colour for brown skin