Ultra Doux Oil Replacement Review 

When I was a child many people used to think that conditioners were not fit to be used on children. That sounds counter – intuitive now but back then this was the logic, may be, may be they thought that conditioners making the hair soft cosmetically instead of shampoo that just cleaned it, must be bad for the hair.

So one of the first ever conditioners I ever bought was Ultra Doux. There was not much thought put into it, (I was in high school) just that I had finished a conditioner which my aunt had given me. They were in the US and she said Ultra Doux was a good brand here. That is all. I think it was a wheatgerm and lemon. It was good because I was hooked. 

So it has been that long since I used Ultra Doux. It is Well, this is not a conditioner really but an oil replacement. This works for me for sure. Since right now my plan is to exclude shampooing and using conditioners for weekday washing. 

See I use hot coconut oil for my weekend and I have shampoo to wash it off but for the weekdays I skip the shampoo and straight up use a conditioner. So this time after the shampoo I used the oil replacement instead of my fav conditioner and it makes my hair softer. I was expect a sort of oil deposit but don’t see any. I rank it a good 8 on 10.


Palmer’s Shea Butter Body Lotion Mini Review

palmers body lotion review

Once I am impressed by a product I usually become a loyal fan. It is hard for me to experiment mainly because I have a sensitive skin so there are a few products that manage to break this protective shield.

The product that managed to impress me is the old and humble Palmer’s Shea Butter Body Lotion. Although I have thought of picking up this body lotion I somehow never did. But it was the “shea butter” keyword that tempted me to try it. Shea butter is Africa’s secret for a gorgeous glowing skin. These are nuts that are traditionally ground to buttery texture.

This butter seems to work for me. After having used it for some time I find that I like the soft, moisturised sheen it leaves on my skin. The softness lasts for hours after applying it. I would highly recommend this product.

Sunsilk Expert Obedient Curls Conditioner Review


Rating: 8.5/10

Hello dear people! As I have said before I find taking care of my hair a lot more challenging than before, mainly because the water here in UAE is desalinated water. Which means it leaves deposit on my hair and scalp! Yes, that is bad!

I have tried to come up with various solutions that have been helpful. Some of which includes natural, no-chemical methods. But those are time consuming so I cannot do them often so for my routine cleaning I had to zero down on a few products that worked for me.

And they were the simple, homey Head and Shoulders for my shampoo and Sunsilk Bouncy Curls Conditioner. Yes that specific one with Nourishing Beeswax. I have never seen anything work quite that well as this one. But they soon discontinued it. I bugged them i.e. Sunsilk on Instagram (only once!) asking about why they had discontinued it! And then I had to try out various other options which although good didn’t quite match up.

So when I happened to see what seemed like the exact formula I picked it up. I am talking about Sunsilk Conditioner. It claimed to have the curl lock technology.

As expected I was happy with the result. Here are my curls back in the rings as they were a few years ago.

Here is the result. They may not be model perfect but they look more tamed than before.

Boots Hair Serum: Review

Boots Hair Serum Product Review

Boots Hair Serum Product Review

Anyone with curly or wavy hair knows that their crowning glory is just a tad high maintenance than those with the dead straight hair.

So, yes, I am one with the wavy hair. And although my hair looks good on the so-called second day, (which may last only for an hour,) the rest of the time it is a challenge.

The case with conditioners is, it is just hard not go overboard and have a deeply conditioned, greasy look. Or discontinue it and have a dry hay look, if we may call it so. So, I was looking for a product that would balance this.

I can say my search has come to an end with the Boots Essentials Hair Serum. You can just tab a little bit on your hair and it leaves a wonderful glossy finish without giving my hair the flat, floppy look.

My main issue with conditioners that have to be washed is that most of them may leave a build up. Also a regular conditioner may give you an itchy scalp because it does come in contact with your scalp as you work your way up from the tips. No such issues with Boots Hair Serum. You can apply it on completely dry hair or just shampooed hair. And those bothersome fly-aways? They seem to settle down too.

Additionally, the serum seems to have no, we can call it a sort of after effect, that if you discontinue some products, your hair or skin seems to go back to a duller look than you naturally had. No such thing here, even if I discontinue the serum once in a while, just to let my hair be, there is no visible change in the texture of my hair. So, if your mane needs to be tamed I would definitely recommend Boots Hair Serum.

Himalaya Apricot Face Scrub Review

Himalaya Apricot Scrub Review

Rating: 7/10
Price : INR 65 for 50 gms.

Face scrubs are an excellent way to exfoliate the skin. They clear up the dead skin and the new skin underneath can breathe freely. It also prevents ingrowth that happen because pollution and hormones. Such factors play havoc on the pores of the skin disturbing its natural activity of exfoliating itself.

Himalaya is a brand that has always projected itself to being close to the ancient approach towards healing through holistic, non cosmetic ways. And I am all for that approach.

So here is my experience with Himalaya’s Apricot and Wheatgerm face scrub. The texture of the face scrub as it should be. It does not lather much which I prefer because I do not want the scrubbing to dry out the skin but just for it to exfoliate. It is not a gentle exfoliater but heavy duty so I use it for my forehead, nose and around my chin since they benefit from this exfoliater.

Using the exfoliator around my cheeks and cheek bones and actually scrubbing it might trigger the skin to create oil in those areas or might disturb the vulnerability there, so I focus only on those areas. Overall it is a good face scrub to be used on a weekly basis.


Oriflame Almond Avocado Scrub Review

oriflame almond avocado face scrub

Scrubs are increasingly becoming my favourite skin care essential. I am a big fan of the baby skin we get after using it. I have tried a few scrubs before I loved some for various reasons.

So Oriflame has become my most favourite brand these days. Especially because it comes straight to my doorstep and I can explore the products leisurely. So as always my focus is on the skin care products so stocked up on those and I have posted my experience about them here.

Coming back to scrubs, they are the best exfoliators we know. And exfoliation is the most essential skin care ritual these days when the skin goes through so much.

If you use scrubs sparingly this Oriflame scrub which contains ground almond shells and avocado is your best choice. Both of these are known to be good for skin. But I found it very useful for my nose and chin. I didn’t need to use any face wash after using the scrub.

I just washed it off with ice water and applied some almond oil. I tried this as my bedtime ritual and woke up with some wonderfully soft skin.

Sunsilk Bouncy Curls Conditioner Review


Straight up this is my most favourite conditioner ever, this Sunsilk Bouncy Curls Conditioner with Beeswax Energisers. From the time I first used conditioner to now if I had to rate my conditioners, this would receive the highest score.

So I am not very experimental when it comes to my shampoo and conditioner, mainly because I live in the UAE and second because my hair is going through not-its-best-season.

Usually every brand has the three categories for the roughly three hair types i.e. dry, oily, and normal. I say roughly because very few of us will have  hair that fits into one category only. It may tend to go dry or oily based on seasons or like my scalp is oily and hair is dry. So it becomes difficult to find the one you are looking for.

I really think it is about what chemical composition that suits your hair the best. So for me it is this one. It settles down the frizz and yet even after two days my scalp is neither oily nor itchy.

I am giving this one a total thumbs up!