Glambox ME May 2015 Unboxing

Hi everyone! Thank you for the all the new follows and the love to the contest! I am loving it! Muuuaaahhh!

So I am a tad late on unboxing my May 2015 Glambox! But I have to say this is the best till date. Loved it! Loved it!

It is a Bioderma Special! Just my favourite brand, Yeyyy!

may glambox

So what’s inside, you wonder? Here you go…

glambox may contents

The bracelet kind of thing is really to measure the tan and the effect of the Bioderma Photoderm (btw SPF 100 – people,) Sunscreen lotion on your skin. I am not yet sure how to use it. I will find out soon, or let me know if you already do!!!

Oh by the way there was also this! Yes a cute Bioderma Travel kit!!!


So as I said, this was the best box till date! And here are the details if you want to know more.

glambox may 2015 contents index


Unboxing Glambox March 2015 Yeys!!!

So after searching for a beauty box (don’t know what that is? Read on!!!) here in UAE I discovered Glambox ME. I received it for the month of March. How was it? I would say fantastic!

Here is how it arrived. Yep that’s glam alright!!!


Wait there’s more…


Yeppp I am curious…


Good job but let me just check what’s inside…


They have also given a list of products and their market value, which I think is great.


Voila so here we go!!! This looks great!

Stay tuned while I try them on and let you know how they worked for me…