Bioderma Matricium Serum Review

So let’s do this old school ad style –

Has your face lost its radiance?
Is your smog-weary skin asking for help?
Look no further, for we have the answer to all your questions…


No but seriously…

I was very surprised to receive this product called Matricium in my March Glambox. It was so differently packaged than a skin care product. Then I noticed that it was by Bioderma so I was assured I would be discovering something great.

And I instantly liked the fact that it came in a set of five allowing me to really observe how it works over the time.


It says on the box that it is for tissue regeneration. Hmm my skin would like that, i think!

So Bioderma’s product Matricium is for the tired skin. What you do is take one of the no-nonsense capsule and pop it out, pour the liquid and apply it.

My skin absorbed it like the desert would absorb water. I let it be through the night and my skin had an instant glow and freshness.

I have used it twice in two week’s time and it seems to keep the glowy, soft effect through the week.

So if the city’s bad air is showing on your skin, I would recommend this as a Sunday – night ritual.


Bioderma Photoderm Max Review


So this Bioderma Photoderm Max came with my Glambox March box.

It was smart of Glambox to send a sunscreen lotion. In UAE, you know you will need a good one, and this one comes with SPF 100 for sensitive skin, so that’s good too!

I have loved whatever i have tried of Bioderma, and this one’s added to the list!

What I got from Paris? Bioderma Sebium H20


I have always been a big fan of soap free and odour free products. So I was very curious about the Bioderma Skincare products. I tried their Crealine H20 and was impressed with it. I always use stuff in sample size if it is a new product just to be safe.

Crealine works great, especially as an eye make up removal product! But then when I wanted to buy it again I bought their Sebium H20. I realise that would be much better because as the name suggests, this one is for the oily skin and mine has turned into one lately. (Sebum is the natural oil released by the skin to hold the moisture in and in general keep the skin in good health.)

I will let you know how it works for me once I am back home next week.