Boots Hair Serum: Review

Boots Hair Serum Product Review

Boots Hair Serum Product Review

Anyone with curly or wavy hair knows that their crowning glory is just a tad high maintenance than those with the dead straight hair.

So, yes, I am one with the wavy hair. And although my hair looks good on the so-called second day, (which may last only for an hour,) the rest of the time it is a challenge.

The case with conditioners is, it is just hard not go overboard and have a deeply conditioned, greasy look. Or discontinue it and have a dry hay look, if we may call it so. So, I was looking for a product that would balance this.

I can say my search has come to an end with the Boots Essentials Hair Serum. You can just tab a little bit on your hair and it leaves a wonderful glossy finish without giving my hair the flat, floppy look.

My main issue with conditioners that have to be washed is that most of them may leave a build up. Also a regular conditioner may give you an itchy scalp because it does come in contact with your scalp as you work your way up from the tips. No such issues with Boots Hair Serum. You can apply it on completely dry hair or just shampooed hair. And those bothersome fly-aways? They seem to settle down too.

Additionally, the serum seems to have no, we can call it a sort of after effect, that if you discontinue some products, your hair or skin seems to go back to a duller look than you naturally had. No such thing here, even if I discontinue the serum once in a while, just to let my hair be, there is no visible change in the texture of my hair. So, if your mane needs to be tamed I would definitely recommend Boots Hair Serum.