Mannequin Vitamin E Oil Review


Rating: 7/10

See the sunlight is very essential to our well being. It strengthens our bones, triggers our metabolism gives our skin a healthy glow, besides so many more health benefits. While I was getting good sunlight back then I was not very consistent about the sunscreen. Though I was using one I am not sure that was the perfect one for Bombay’s humid climate.

This has led to my skin showing the reaction now, when actually I don’t even expose my skin too much sunlight. So I was looking for something that would nourish my skin from within. I knew Vitamin E was good for skin especially in protecting the skin from the harshness of the sun.

One way to get Vitamin E oil is using Almond Oil. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it. So I picked up the synthetically made one. The ingredients seem quite standard. This one is called Mannequin Vitamin E oil. It is very dense, which is how it should be. It has scent which I had hoped it wouldn’t since most synthetically produced scents are not good for the skin but I guess since I use so many products with scents in them, my moisturisers, deos, I would try it anyway. I massaged about a drop of it and let it be for 15 minutes or so. My skin feels great and very moisturised. I have yet another set of capsules which I will try and compare with this one. But on its own this is good enough.